The Unprogrammed Meeting


The manner of worship in the Claremont Friends Meeting has been described in the words below from several Claremont Friends:

Unprogrammed Quakers worship in silence. Friends gather to wait with hearts and minds open so that truth will be made known among us. The heart of Quaker worship is waiting together in the Light, turning attention toward the source of Life, Love and Power. The Religious Society of Friends is founded in the historic experience of Light accessible to all and the conviction that direct communion with this source is available to all.

Unprogrammed Quakers have no paid clergy. We are mindful that each Friend can enhance or diminish our endeavor in quiet worship. We attend Meeting to receive and to give, to speak when led and to remain silent when not. Friends refrain from discourse or dialogue during Meetings so that everyone in attendance may enhance our attention to the Light..

Friends seek to view all life as sacramental. Quaker worship emphasizes the reality of the inward experience rather than observing outward rites.